Complexity model-based extrusion correlation

Find productivity outliers within the aluminum profiles you extrude

Take corrective measures where they are really needed

Ensure the profitability of your extrusion line

Have you ever noticed how two different extrusion profiles with the same extrusion ratio, alloy and die type do not necessarily possess similar productivities? This makes it difficult to directly compare one die’s performance to others’ within your catalogue. In consequence, it is not possible to precisely establish an expected productivity range for a specific profile, e.g. a new design, according to its characteristics. 

In other words, without a reliable reference value, how can you ensure profiles are being extruded with an adequate productivity according to your machines and specific conditions?

CMEC is a novel service that allows you to identify those solid profiles in your catalogue that exhibit an atypical productivity, meaning one that statistically deviates from that of other similar shapes extruded in the same press. To achieve this, CMEC applies several data analysis techniques on your historical productivity data.

Stop comparing yourself to industry benchmarks that do not reflect your reality.

Create and profit from your own extrusion line-specific benchmarks.

Consequences of productivity outliers

Net production decrease

Longer machine time

Lower sales potential per cycle

Longer lead times

When a profile possesses insufficient productivity, your production requires a longer machine time, your sales potential decreases, and your lead times stop being competitive. This can potentially harm your bussiness’s profitability. CMEC can help prevent this situation.

Become a pioneer in the aluminum extrusion industry

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