Eventuality impact diagnosis in extrusion

Measure the eventualities that impact your productivity and determine how recurrent they are

Estimate the economic loss caused by these unexpected events

Determine on which areas to focus improvement strategies to maximize your profit

In extrusion, being able to sustain an adequate productivity is key to ensure the profitability of your business. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to clearly identify which parts of the process may generate the greater losses, since many times these go by unseen.

DIEX is a diagnosis tool that will allow you to identify those eventualities that affect the overall efficiency of your extrusion line and the economic impact they generate. Based on a meticulous record of unwanted down times, and their subsequent categorization and analysis, this product provides you with a valuable report that will allow you to make the right decisions to maximize the profit of your extrusion factory.

DIEX will allow you to justify necessary investments in your extrusion line based on real data.

Maximize your profit now.

How does DIEX work?

DIEX starts with a 4 to 6-day inspection of the extrusion process in each line. This process is carried on by an expert, who will gather the necessary data without interfering with the process.

DIEX focuses on those eventualities which can affect your line’s productivity. Once registered, they are categorized and their long term impact is estimated through a mathematical model.

Through a deep analysis of the cause of each eventuality, we can determine in what proportion your extrusion line’s potential losses are due to maintenance issues, SOP non-compliance, technological limitations, etc.

The results are presented in a report that will allow you to understand the impact of the measured eventualities both on your productivity and your income.

Be part of the future of extrusion!

Implement your first DIEX on an extrusion line and get a discount for any additional one!

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